Unleash Feature Flags vs. Nected: The Power play of Feature Flags

Unleash Feature Flags vs. Nected: The Power play of Feature Flags

Mukul Bhati

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Unleash Feature Flags vs. Nected: The Power play of Feature FlagsUnleash Feature Flags vs. Nected: The Power play of Feature Flags
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Step into the dynamic world of software dеvеlopmеnt whеrе wе do the comparison - Unleash feature flags vs Nected. This comparison pits thе controlled deployment approach of Unlеash's fеaturе flags against Nеctеd's Low-Code/No-Code enhancement.

We have Unlеash, wеll-vеrsеd in effective feature flags, bеckoning thosе intеrеstеd in A/B tеsting and gradual rollouts. Concurrеntly, visualizе Nеctеd, harnеssing thе powеr of Low-Codе, еxtеnding invitations to both codеrs and non-codеrs, encouraging them to engage in swift dеvеlopmеnt. It's an intriguing comparison, and our goal is to impartially assеss which approach, Unlеash feature flags vs Nеctеd's Low-Code еnhancеmеnt, will prove superior in the realm of software development. 

The best way to decide what's better is to compare them both. In this comparison, we are about to do the same. Let us see, will the Feature flags by Unleash prevail, or will Nected’s simplicity and ultra powerful features take the lead? Join us for an in-depth exploration of these platforms in the technology landscape.

Overview of Unleash Feature Flags

Unleash feature flags (also known as feature toggles) are a powerful tool for software development. They provide developers the ability to control the release and behavior of features in applications, enabling gradual rollouts and A/B testing. 

With a robust client library, Unleash allows real-time toggling without doing any changes in codes. It helps enhancing version control, reducing deployment risks, and supporta experimentation. 

Unleash’s dashboard provides developers with insights while also fostering data-driven decisions. It is a combination of flexibility, control, and technical ease for effective feature management.

As we are now familiar with Unleash Feature Flags, let's embark on the journey to understand what challenges it eases for the developers and help users to have a great experience.

Below is the implementation code of Unleash Feature Flags in JavaScript:

const unleash = require('unleash-client');

const unleashConfig = {
  appName: 'your-app-name',
  instanceId: 'your-instance-id',
  url: 'https://your-unleash-server-api',
  refreshInterval: 5 * 1000,

const client = unleash.createClient(unleashConfig);
const featureToggle = client.defineFeature('myFeatureToggle');


if (featureToggle.isEnabled()) {
  // Feature-specific code
  console.log('Feature is enabled!');
} else {
  // Default behavior
  console.log('Feature is not enabled.');

// Optional: client.stop();

Note: Make sure you have installed the unleash-client package using npm before running this code.

What are Limitations of Unleash Feature Flags?

Besides the fact, unleash feature flags offers a wide range of advantages and makes things easier for developers, it has some weak points too. Let's discover these lacking and how Nected takes the center, becoming a savior for developers.

Limited Non-Technical Accessibility

While Unleash Feature Flags excel in developer-centric environments, they may fall short when providing a welcoming space for non-technical users. The lack of a user-friendly interface might hinder seamless collaboration between technical and non-technical team members.

Learning Curve for Non-Technical Users

Going through the mystical realm of Unleash could pose challenges for those not well-versed in technical intricacies. The learning curve might become a hurdle for non-technical users, potentially slowing the pace of feature flag adoption and experimentation. 

Limited Built-In Collaboration Tools

The absence of robust built-in collaboration tools limits the fluid exchange of ideas and hinders the collective crafting feature flag strategies. The use of third-party tools makes the process even slower. 

Visual Workflow Design Absence

Unleash lacks a visual workflow designer, leaving developers yearning for a canvas to paint the logic of their feature flags. This makes it challenging to intuitively design and construct complex workflows, potentially adding a layer of complexity to development.

In the next segments of the article, we will do a detailed comparison, shedding the light on how Nected overdo the failings of unleash feature flags. Additionally, we will discuss how Nected can work as a robust alternative and help developers elevate their journey. Hope the bucket of popcorn isn't empty yet.

How Nected.ai Excels in Feature Flags?

Before diving into the intricacies of key points about Nected, let's be aware of the platform.

Imagine a magical realm where product, growth, and tech teams unite. The grand mission of Nected is to bestow upon these teams the power to conjure dynamic workflows in the blink of an eye, tango with experiments seamlessly, and dance through iterations at warp.

“Putting less effort and getting full results” should be the tagline for Nected. Let's justify this sentence by discussing the key points Nected puts on the table.

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Empowering Swift Innovation and Flexibility

Nected's Business Rule Management System (BRMS) helps revolutionize personalized flows and experimentation. It swiftly turns complex logic into customizable actions, saving tons of developers’ time. 

Comparing it to Unleash's technical focus, Nected’s BRMS makes things easier for non-technicals to work with. It boosts innovation and growth by empowering teams of both, technical and non-technical to adapt dynamically to business requirements.

Collaboration Tools

Who doesn't want to go beyond the boundaries and still get their work done? Raising your hands means you need to be introduced to Nected. Platform cultivates a culture of teamwork with collaboration tools that transcend traditional boundaries.

From code wizards to non-technical sorcerers, these tools work as a bridge, allowing diverse teams to collaborate seamlessly and conjure magic.

Visual Workflow Manager

Nected's workflow manager is a cutting-edge solution that enables the swift deployment of personalized flows with remarkable efficiency. Unlike the traditional approach, this solution offered by Nected significantly reduces manual intervention. It paves the way for seamless and streamlined workflows, outclassing the capabilities of Unleash Feature Flags.

Rule Engine Performance

The rule in Engine in Nected is the magnificent performer, conducting operations with precision and flair. Developers can free themselves from tiresome tasks by orchestrating backend logic effortlessly. It's a performance that scales limitlessly, ensuring that rules bend to the will of complexity.

Experimentation Engine

Nected's aim to provide teams with unprecedented agility by empowering them to swiftly conduct A/B testing, optimize user experiences, and seamlessly adapt to evolving business dynamics. This not only expedites the development process but also enhances the adaptability of teams to changing requirements.

Low-Code/No-Code Interface

Last but not the least, let's forget to talk about the aim of the platform. A treat for both developers and non-developers, offered by Nected as both can feel the magic of the tech carnival with its Low-Code/No-Code interface. This user-friendly gateway empowers teams to weave intricate functionalities without swimming in the complex ocean of traditional coding.

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Comparison: Nected.AI vs. Unleash Feature Flags

Now, we know about the advantages of both Unleash Feature Flags and Nected. Let's do a comparison so that developers can decide whether they should choose Unleash Feature or Nected.AI according to their needs.

Now, we know about the advantages of both Unleash Feature Flags and Nected. Let's do a comparison so that developers can decide whether they should choose Unleash Feature or Nected.AI according to their needs.



In the Unleash realm, workflow automation leans on the traditional, requiring manual coding and configuration. 

Nected enchants developers and non-developers alike with a Visual Workflow Designer, allowing for the creation and management of intricate workflows with intuitive visual elements.

Unleash Feature Flags present a straightforward integration process, offering code snippets for developers to embed the flags into their applications.

Nected has a flexibility to emerge as a seamless integrator, harmonizing with existing applications and external systems effortlessly.

Unleash Feature Flags showcase a reliable Rule Engine, providing a sturdy foundation for feature toggling. 

Nected boasts a high-performance Rule Engine, conducting operations with precision and speed. 

Unleash Feature Flags, while developer-centric, may be perceived as less accessible to non-technical users.

Nected builds bridges between developers and non-developers with robust collaboration tools. 

Unleash Feature Flags present a dynamic feature toggling process, enabling developers to toggle features in real-time.

Nected dazzles with its support for dynamic rule iteration, allowing teams to adapt rules on-the-fly. 

Why Choose Nected.AI Over In-House Development?

Now, some of you would be convinced that with Nected, you can do many things quickly. For those who are not, count on your fingers for the reason why AI might be a better choice for you than in-house development.

ROI considerations

When contemplating Nected over in-house development, the Return on Investment (ROI) stands as a guiding beacon. With its Low-Code/No-Code prowess and feature-rich environment, Nected offers a quicker path to realizing ROI by minimizing development time, reducing associated costs, and accelerating time-to-market.

Plans and Pricing

Navigate the terrain of plans and pricing to unveil the cost-effectiveness of choosing Nected. While in-house development involves extensive budgeting for resources, tools, and talent, Nected’s pricing structure presents a more predictable and scalable model, allowing for better financial planning.

Click here to read about Nected's pricing and plans in detail.

Maintenance Cost

The long-term benefit you get while choosing the Nected is the burden of maintenance costs will be cut off from your shoulders. In-house development often carries a burden of ongoing maintenance expenses, including debugging, updates, and support. Nected’s promise of seamless integration and robust features alleviate some of these maintenance burdens while offering more sustainable solutions.

Accessibility for Non-Tech Teams

The accessibility for non-technical teams is one of the most pivotal factors in the allure of Nected. Nected is unlike in-house development, where technical expertise is a must.

With its Low-Code/No-Code interface and collaboration tools, it puts a hand on non-technical teams and says, “Don't worry, we are here.” This accessibility fosters a collaborative spirit, enabling diverse teams to participate in the development journey actively.

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In the dynamic arena of software development, Unleash Feature Flags and Nected present distinct approaches. Unleash, a seasoned expert in controlled feature release, provides developers with a tool for flexibility and experimentation, assuring them, "Fear not, I will adeptly manage your features."

In contrast, Nected, a wizard in the Low-Code/No-Code realm, entices with visual spells and a collaborative ethos, challenging developers with, "Why code when you can create magic visually?" This alternative approach fosters a collaborative environment where developers and non-developers seamlessly engage in the art of creation.

The decision between Unleash and Nected boils down to preference — opting for the structured elegance of feature flags or the simplicity of Low-Code innovation.

As we navigate our development journey, we find Nected as a very compelling option. Its emphasis on visual workflows and collaboration transforms the landscape, providing an attractive alternative for those seeking an innovative approach to software development.

In this evolving landscape, Nected emerges as a standout option, offering a transformative experience in software development. Choose your companion wisely, and may your code be enriched with the unique wonders of Nected.


Q1. What is Unleash Feature Flags?

Unleash Feature Flags represent a dynamic software development technique that empowers developers to remotely control the activation or deactivation of specific features within an application. It wouldn't be wrong if we call them switches, allowing developers to toggle the visibility and functionality of features in real-time.

Q2. What are Unleash Feature Flags Examples?

A developer uses feature flags to conduct rollouts of a new feature, releasing it to a small percentage of users making it available to the entire user base. In some cases, feature flags facilitate A/B testing by allowing developers to experiment with different variations of a feature and analyze user preferences.

Q3. Why use feature flags?

Feature flags offer a wide range of benefits, including controlled deployments, which minimize the risk of distribution and provide ability to roll back changes quickly if needed. They support A/B testing and experimentation, allowing developers to gather valuable insights into user behavior and preferences. Also, they enable user personalization, allowing developers to customize experiences based on user attributes or behavior.

Mukul Bhati

Mukul Bhati

Co-founder Nected
Co-founded FastFox in 2016, which later got acquired by PropTiger (Housing’s Parent). Ex-Knowlarity, UrbanTouch, PayU.

Mukul Bhati, Co-founder of Nected and IITG CSE 2008 graduate, previously launched BroEx and FastFox, which was later acquired by Elara Group. He led a 50+ product and technology team, designed scalable tech platforms, and served as Group CTO at Docquity, building a 65+ engineering team. With 15+ years of experience in FinTech, HealthTech, and E-commerce, Mukul has expertise in global compliance and security.

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