Build robust Clinical Rule with Nected's Advanced Rule Engine

Harness the capabilities of Nected's Clinical Rule Engine to revolutionize patient care.

No-Code Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR), Automate Clinical flows in minutes, Seamless Integration with any system via API, Integrate your own DB with ease, Integrable with AI models via API, Track down the performance with Audit trail
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One tool for any type of Clinical Rule

The only solution you need to create robust Clinical Rule Engine:

Patient Monitoring Alerts:

Set up real-time alerts for patient condition changes, ensuring timely intervention.

Diagnostic Support:

Improve diagnostic accuracy with rules based on the latest medical research and guidelines.

Treatment Recommendations:

Get evidence-based treatment suggestions tailored to individual patient profiles.

Medication Management:

Safeguard against drug interactions and optimize medication regimens.

Enhance Your CDSS Effortlessly

Leverage Nected’s seamless integration to empower your Clinical Decision Support System, driving superior patient care decisions.


Why Customers Love Us

Accelerate Time to Market. rocket emoji
Accelerate Time to Market
Realize full potential of your ideas by iterating at the speed of thought
Do more in Less emoji
Do more in Less
Save valuable time and resources while enabling your teams to focus on other high-priority tasks.
Empower non-tech teams
Empower Non-Tech Teams
Offload ad-hoc tasks to non-tech teams, allowing your tech teams to focus on building more complex and core tech products.
Flexibility and customization
Flexibility and Customization
Fully customize your workflows and rules using custom JS code
Secure and scalable
Secure & Scalable
Built on industry best-practices to scale cost-effectively. Optional on-premise installation to keep your data safe and secure.
Seamless Integration: DB and API
Seamless Integration:
Utilize our platform as a micro-service, easily integrating with your existing data & systems via APIs, events, and more.

Build Your First Clinical Rule in < 15 Minutes

We have done the talk, and now we will show you how you can build your ideal clinical rule flow and make it live in less than 15 minutes. Literally!


Hear From Our Users

“4% growth in conversions in just 20 days”

Nected has transformed our workflow by accelerating feature deployment by 30% and eliminating repetitive tasks. The platform's clean and intuitive interface adds to the overall experience, making it a joy to work with. We saw a 3% rise in leads and 4% growth in conversions within 20 days. We're excited for more diverse integrations ahead.

Raman Kumar
CTO & Co-Founder

Development time reduced by 50%

Once we built our first use case on Nected, we realized that we can perform infinite iterations with almost no effort. Nected reduced development time by 50% and it has made our system much more modular and flexible as compared to hard-coded systems, reducing our continuous dependency on tech.
PS - Nected’s support team is highly responsive

Souradeep Paul
Director of Product

Your Problem | Nected Solution

We get it, you might still have some questions. So, we have tried our best to answer how Nected is the best solution to your woes.


How does Nected support healthcare providers in making quick, accurate clinical decisions?

Utilizing AI and machine learning, Nected offers real-time decision support, ensuring swift and precise clinical judgments.

Can Nected adapt to the evolving landscape of healthcare guidelines?

Absolutely, our engine is designed to rapidly integrate new research and guidelines, maintaining cutting-edge relevance.


Is the tool scalable?

Built using a modern stack and high-performing languages such as Go, Nected is reliable, scalable, fast and capable of handling any complex workloads.

How does Nected ensure seamless integration with existing healthcare systems?

Nected is built for compatibility, ensuring smooth integration with a range of healthcare IT infrastructures.

Is the Tool Easy to Use?

Nected has been built with non-tech teams in mind, so learning and deploying your first rule on Nected is very simple.

Is Nected user-friendly for medical professionals with varying technical expertise?

Yes, its intuitive interface is designed for easy use by all healthcare professionals, regardless of technical background.


How does Nected handle patient data security and compliance with health regulations?

Nected prioritizes data security and complies with health regulations like HIPAA, ensuring patient data is protected.

Can Nected handle complex medical data for accurate clinical rule application?

Our engine is equipped to process complex medical data, providing reliable and accurate clinical rule application.

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