Simplify Ed-Tech Operations with Nected

Streamline administrative tasks and improve student experience. Nected's no-code platform empowers Ed-Tech businesses to automate workflows and enhance efficiency.

Optimize A/B Testing with Nected’s Experimentation Engine
Integrate Nected to transform your Experimentation Platform, enabling dynamic A/B testing and real-time insights.
Build Customer Segmentation with Nected’s Advance Rule Engine
Unlock the power of precision in customer segmentation with Nected's advanced rule engine/workflow.
Optimize Pricing Strategies with Nected's Dynamic Pricing
Unlock the potential of dynamic pricing and discounts with Nected's advanced rule engine/workflows
Deploy Feature Flags with Nected’s No-Code Engine Effortlessly
Use Nected's Feature Flag Engine to create a sophisticated and highly adaptable feature flag system with ease.
Build robust Lead Allocation with Nected’s Rule-Based Automation
Maximize sales team efficiency and lead conversion rates, and allocate leads seamlessly with Nected’s rule automation.
Build Lead Scoring Rules for High-Value Prospects
Leverage Nected’s Rule Engine to build a complex and highly iterative Lead Scoring system with ease.