Optimize A/B Testing with Nected’s Experimentation Engine

Integrate Nected to transform your Experimentation Platform, enabling dynamic A/B testing and real-time insights.

No-Code Experiment Setup, Real-Time Variant Management, User Behavior Analysis Integration, Automated Result Tracking, Rapid Hypothesis Iteration, Seamless Third-Party Data Fetching
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Maximize Impact with Targeted A/B Testing

Nected's A/B Testing platform offers unparalleled insights into customer preferences and behavior.

Controlled Experimentation:

Test two variations scientifically to determine the most effective approach.

Audience Segmentation:

Target specific user segments for more relevant and insightful testing.

Statistical Significance:

Rely on statistically significant results to make informed decisions.

Seamless API Integration with Leading Platforms

Nected's A/B Testing solution offers effortless integration through APIs with a variety of popular software platforms, enhancing your existing digital ecosystem:


Why Customers Love Us

Accelerate Time to Market. rocket emoji
Accelerate Time to Market
Realize full potential of your ideas by iterating at the speed of thought
Do more in Less emoji
Do more in Less
Save valuable time and resources while enabling your teams to focus on other high-priority tasks.
Empower non-tech teams
Empower Non-Tech Teams
Offload ad-hoc tasks to non-tech teams, allowing your tech teams to focus on building more complex and core tech products.
Flexibility and customization
Flexibility and Customization
Fully customize your workflows and rules using custom JS code
Secure and scalable
Secure & Scalable
Built on industry best-practices to scale cost-effectively. Optional on-premise installation to keep your data safe and secure.
Seamless Integration: DB and API
Seamless Integration:
Utilize our platform as a micro-service, easily integrating with your existing data & systems via APIs, events, and more.

Implement Data-Driven Strategies with Ease

Discover how Nected's A/B Testing can revolutionize your approach to market strategy and product development.


Hear From Our Users

“4% growth in conversions in just 20 days”

Nected has transformed our workflow by accelerating feature deployment by 30% and eliminating repetitive tasks. The platform's clean and intuitive interface adds to the overall experience, making it a joy to work with. We saw a 3% rise in leads and 4% growth in conversions within 20 days. We're excited for more diverse integrations ahead.

Raman Kumar
CTO & Co-Founder

Development time reduced by 50%

Once we built our first use case on Nected, we realized that we can perform infinite iterations with almost no effort. Nected reduced development time by 50% and it has made our system much more modular and flexible as compared to hard-coded systems, reducing our continuous dependency on tech.
PS - Nected’s support team is highly responsive

Souradeep Paul
Director of Product

Your Problem | Nected Solution

We get it, you might still have some questions. So, we have tried our best to answer how Nected is the best solution to your woes.


How does Nected ensure the reliability of A/B testing outcomes?

Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, Nected delivers results with statistical significance, enabling you to make decisions with confidence.

Is Nected capable of managing simultaneous A/B tests on diverse platforms?

Yes, Nected excels in orchestrating and scrutinizing numerous concurrent A/B tests, offering an integrated perspective across various platforms.

Does Nected support hypothesis testing for complex user behaviors?

Absolutely, Nected is equipped to handle intricate hypothesis testing, revealing deeper insights into user behaviors and preferences.

How does Nected adapt to dynamic market trends in A/B testing?

Nected's adaptive algorithms constantly evolve with market trends, ensuring your A/B testing strategies remain effective and relevant.


Is the setup and usage of Nected’s A/B testing platform user-friendly?

Indeed, Nected boasts a straightforward setup and an intuitive interface, making it accessible to both marketers and tech professionals.

Can Nected integrate with a variety of digital assets like websites, apps, and e-commerce platforms?

Nected seamlessly integrates with a wide range of digital assets, enhancing the efficiency and scope of your A/B testing efforts.

How does Nected assist in the collaboration between different teams during A/B testing?

With shared dashboards and collaborative tools, Nected facilitates effective cross-team collaboration and data sharing.


What's the opportunity cost of offloading such use case?

You will save 2 developers worth of cost by switching to Nected. To put it simply, The same case that will take an hour of your tech bandwidth can be done by Nected in less than 10 minutes.

What about other tools? Such as Drools and others?

Nected goes above and beyond other competitors and is the only player in the market that offers the ability to integrate your database and is actually cheaper than the other cloud and on-prem solutions available in the market.

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