Automate Your e-Commerce Workflow with Nected's Platform

Improve customer experience and boost sales. Nected's low-code platform empowers e-commerce businesses to automate tasks and streamline operations.

Optimize A/B Testing with Nected’s Experimentation Engine
Integrate Nected to transform your Experimentation Platform, enabling dynamic A/B testing and real-time insights.
Create Engaging Coupons/Rewards with Nected’s Promotion Management Engine
Boost promotional campaigns with targeted, dynamic offers with the help of Nected’s Rule Engine.
Build Customer Segmentation with Nected’s Advance Rule Engine
Unlock the power of precision in customer segmentation with Nected's advanced rule engine/workflow.
Deploy Feature Flags with Nected’s No-Code Engine Effortlessly
Use Nected's Feature Flag Engine to create a sophisticated and highly adaptable feature flag system with ease.
Optimize Inventory with Nected’s Resource Management Engine
Streamline your inventory management for efficiency and accuracy.
Build robust Lead Allocation with Nected’s Rule-Based Automation
Maximize sales team efficiency and lead conversion rates, and allocate leads seamlessly with Nected’s rule automation.
Build Lead Scoring Rules for High-Value Prospects
Leverage Nected’s Rule Engine to build a complex and highly iterative Lead Scoring system with ease.
Elevate Reward/Loyalty Programs with Nected’s Loyalty Engine
Enhance customer loyalty through personalised, data-driven programs with the help of Nected’s rule engine and workflow automation.