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Prabhat Gupta

Prabhat Gupta

Co-founded TravelTriangle in 2011 and made it India’s leading holiday marketplace. Product, Tech & Growth Guy.

About me

An Engineer turned Entrepreneur who co-founded, TravelTriangle in 2011 and grew it up to category leader in the online holiday industry.

A seasoned business-oriented product & tech leader, with 14+ years of experience in product, tech & analytics domains. I’m quite passionate about solving real-life complex problems through technology. I’m a highly curious, quite data-driven, and avid believer in growth hacking & fail-fast thinking.  I’ve been involved with product teams to drive solutions from customer research/surveys using experimentation and fail-fast methodology to quickly act, deliver new product lines, and succeed sooner. As a founder, I’ve worked on all aspects/departments of the startup while also heading operations, managing PnLs as well as leading the PMO office. Before co-founding Nected, I served as Head of Engineering & Data Science at OkCredit.