Maximize your ROI with cutting-edge marketing automation lead-scoring tools

Maximize your ROI with cutting-edge marketing automation lead-scoring tools

Prabhat Gupta

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Maximize your ROI with cutting-edge marketing automation lead-scoring toolsMaximize your ROI with cutting-edge marketing automation lead-scoring tools
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Lead scoring is a marketing technique that provides scores to potential customers (leads). It analyzes factors like demographics, website behavior, and engagement to assign scores, helping your business to prioritize high-potential leads, align sales and marketing efforts, and optimize resource allocation for more efficient conversions and revenue growth.

In the world of competitive marketing, businesses choose to be smart and find their target audience that helps maximize ROI (Return on investment) as the top priority. With the help of the right marketing automation tools, businesses can have access to more sophisticated methods of reaching their target audience and generating leads.

  • According to a recent study, marketing automation on average drives up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. 
  • 80% of marketing automation users saw an increase in the number of leads using marketing automation software, and 77% had an increase in conversions.

What is marketing lead scoring automation about?

Businesses can channel their efforts towards the leads likely to be converted into customers. Marketing automation involves assigning scores to leads based on a diverse set of criteria. From e-commerce giants and dynamic SaaS companies to B2B enterprises, organizations are leveraging Marketing Automation Lead Scoring to simplify their sales and elevate overall operational efficiency. 

Real-World Tales of Marketing Lead Scoring Automation Across Industries

Lead scoring shines for the best and helps you bring out the best of what your business can achieve through the leads. Here are given real-life examples of what is delivered by the help of it.

Real-life example (use case): 

e-commerce cart abandonment

Imagine being a business owner of an e-commerce company, facing the problem of cart abandonment. Customers scroll their interests out on your website and add the items they are likely to buy but leave them over there. 

Here’s how the right tool helps you: Assign scores based on various factors such as the number of items in the cart, previous purchase history, and the time spent on the website. If the user has a high likelihood of returning, they might receive targeted emails offering discounts or limited-time promotions. This personalized approach increases the chances of converting a potential lost sale into a completed transaction. 

  • SaaS Companies: Optimizing Trial Conversions

This sector often offers free trials to potential customers and then ranks them based on scores that indicate how trial users are likely to be converted into paying customers.

How the tool helps: A SaaS company might find some features that have many customers engaged with it and provide them with offers or proposals to buy the feature. The leads with scores are much more likely to receive tailored emails and communication.

We will be understanding lead scoring in marketing in a much better way throughout the blog by providing you with the best lead scoring solution.

Various industries implement lead scoring in marketing, such as;

  • B2B Marketing 
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • FinTech
  • Banking

All these industries are already using the systems to achieve heights for their businesses, now it's your turn to uplift your brand.

Not yet convinced? Look, a few more insights:

1. Accenture reduced sales cycle time by 30% by prioritizing high-scoring leads with targeted outreach and engagement strategies.

2. Harvard University increased admissions inquiries by 15% through personalized emails and content triggered by lead score segments.

How does a lead scoring automation tool help in marketing?

Addresses Business End Problems and Solutions

Marketing automation lead scoring would help your business identify and recognise the leads that are to be converted into paying customers. Also, it would help save the time that used to be invested into pleasing the leads that are not to be likely to be converted. 

As time passes, businesses are getting smarter and providing new segments to their users/customers, lead scoring tools help provide leads with personalized content and targeted marketing efforts.

Addresses Customer-Centric Problems and Solutions

Lead scoring provides customers with personalized content and messages that attract them instead of bombarding them with generic sales messages. This also helps the businesses to be noticed and shine in the customer’s perspective. Your customers will be engaging with the offers and messages that are based on their behavior with your website and the ones they are likely to grab.

By prioritizing high-scoring leads and triggering automated lead scoring workflows based on customer behavior, you ensure a personalized and efficient journey.

Nected's automation capabilities would allow you to generate leads and score them as they interact with the website at their own pace.

Implementation of Lead scoring in marketing using Nected 

Here’s a practical example of how your business can utilize Nected as a marketing automation lead-scoring system:

1. Create and define a field Name: use Nected’s features to create a lead-scoring rule 

Step 1. Sign in, Click on Create rule, and choose amongst the desired options on what kind of rule you desire to create:

Step 2. Edit input attributes, and enter the required fields, you can also attest with your pre-existing databases:

  • Here, we are providing the inputs required by defining a field as “device” or “Utm_source” and a data type as “string” which may differ as per the entered field.
  • You can add or manipulate the inputs as required. 
  • Once you are done with filling out the fields, click on ‘Save & exit’.

2. Create and define Conditions: Now, here you may notice the entered fields are visible and the data types as mentioned.

Condition 1:

Field: Browser Locale

Operator: Equals to (=)

Value: ‘en’


Score: 15


‘Excellent score’

Add any desired action or message you want to be displayed to inform your internal team or to make a record.

3. Test the rule: to check for the successful creation of your condition, run a test that would let you know about the problem; if any.

  • After specifying the required, and successful test of the rule, you will notice a message displayed as shown. 
  • Place the code in the appropriate configuration of your platform to ensure the specified conditions are met and the workflow operates as intended.

4. Publish: 

  • Publish the rule after a successful test.

Nected saves your rules over a cloud, so that you never lose the progress just made.

To create a much better understanding of the rule sets, watch the Lead scoring demo.

Tool Comparison

Choosing the best tool helps your business generate leads that help your business to grow, have a look at the below listed:

1. Nected: 

Nected Well, who does not want their sales to boost with greater and richer insights into the customer data? 

How about having software that works on your predefined criteria, is low-cost, no-code, and easy to integrate with your existing CRM/3rd Party apps? 

Well, Nected stands high for this all. It helps your sales insights go above the level by being a scalable, versatile, and robust system that your business needs to shine above the line.

Nected helps you gear your sales and marketing efforts towards leads/prospects that matter by addressing all your use cases.

Use Nected Rule Engine for Lead Scoring: Key features

1. Segment-based lead scoring: Drank users who visit your pricing page higher than those who visit your blog posts and rank leads based on their shopping behavior. Use Nected's rule engine to create lead-scoring plans that understand and segment your customers easily. 

2. Real-time lead Scoring: Instantly rank leads based on the actions they take on your channel. Lead scoring using Nected gives you the ability to define real-time changes so you can make the most out of every situation.

3. Negative Scoring: Not every lead is a good lead. Create rules that classify good leads and eliminate leads so your sales team can focus on the ones that matter. 

4. Scoring for Market/Season Cycles: Nected's lead scoring is highly adaptive and allows you to quickly adjust your scoring models to changes in market conditions or seasons.

2. EngageBay:

With EngageBay, you can set lead scoring based on their activity, location, and survey responses. 

You can also track, know who to follow and predict the future behavior of actual and potential leads.

Key features:

1. Lead segmentation: You can categorize leads into segments for personalized and targeted communication.

2. Smart lists: Enables you to segment contacts based on lifecycle stages or browsing behavior.

3. ZohoCRM:

Zoho CRM marketing tool is a cloud-based software for businesses of all sizes that helps them generate leads based on demographics, behavior and negative results. 

Key Features:

1. Customization: Use views and filters, layout, and custom components to customize your parameters based on how leads respond to your marketing campaign.

2. Advanced analytics: Use the obtained data to gain insights and monitor every aspect of your lead scoring cycle.

2. Brevo:

Brevo is a cloud-based CRM marketing tool offering leading qualification and assessment capabilities for businesses of all sizes. 

Key Features:

1. Personalized sales pipeline: You can customize your workflow by adding or subtracting from the scoring model to match your business requirements. It helps you track sales and boost the company’s growth efficiency.

2. Landing pages: Track your leads’ engagement level with designed landing pages and gauge the level of interest. You can also integrate with analytics to track user behavior.

Here's how Nected shines as a great tool

In the realm of productivity and connectivity tools, Nected emerges as a beacon of efficiency and innovation. Let's explore how Nected stands out among its peers. 

As we navigate through the plethora of productivity tools, Nected shines brightly, outclassing its counterparts. Its seamless integration, user-friendly interface, collaborative prowess, smart automation, and unwavering commitment to security set it apart. Nected is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for enhanced productivity and connectivity.

There's a careful orchestration of technology, data, and strategy when implementing a lead-scoring system into your business. The process has three stages in implementation that define the scoring criteria, integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and automate the workflows.

Defining Scoring Criteria: 

There are certain criteria that are followed to assign scores to the potential leads. It may include various factors such as the frequency of interaction with content, types of content engaged with, demographic information, and more. 

Data is derived from a deep understanding of the audience's interaction with the content and their behavior with it. It is to make sure that the leads are efficiently scored and they are of some output to the business.

Integration with CRM marketing automation tools:

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are useful to maintain interaction with current and potential customers. Using a CRM marketing automation system provides the sales team with real-time insights into customer interaction and data that helps them to trigger the desired action for the customers.

Automation of workflows:

Automation is the key component for automated lead scoring. Automated lead scoring workflows are created to consistently score leads based on their interactions with various points. For example; any lead can receive a point for opening a specific webpage, or any product page, which can trigger certain automated actions

Closing Remark

Using best practices for effective lead scoring and the softwares transforms your business, and aims to optimize marketing and sales efforts. Software providing leads systematically can enhance the performance and operational efficiency of your business as well as the conversion rates.

As you move ahead on your path of lead scoring process, Nected as your strategic partner could be one of the best choices. Nected provides you with seamless integration with your systems. Imagine a synchronized workflow where the latest lead-scoring information is always at your team's fingertips, enabling them to make timely and informed decisions.

Nected aligns perfectly with your needs and is one of the best software that could be used for businesses to help score leads. Being simple to use, it delivers all the department's needed functionalities.

Choose the best Marketing automation lead scoring software, revolutionize your marketing, and say hi to Nected.

Prabhat Gupta

Prabhat Gupta

Co-founder Nected
Co-founded TravelTriangle in 2011 and made it India’s leading holiday marketplace. Product, Tech & Growth Guy.

Prabhat Gupta is the Co-founder of Nected and an IITG CSE 2008 graduate. While before Nected he Co-founded TravelTriangle, where he scaled the team to 800+, achieving 8M+ monthly traffic and $150M+ annual sales, establishing it as a leading holiday marketplace in India. Prabhat led business operations and product development, managing a 100+ product & tech team and developing secure, scalable systems. He also implemented experimentation processes to run 80+ parallel experiments monthly with a lean team.

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